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About my break

Post by The Leeds Lad on Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:44 pm


Some of you are wondering why I'm not making any of your trucks. Well, here's why.

I have TWO science exams in May. One on the 20th, the other a couple of days later.

Now, since the exams are THAT close, I'm afraid I have to dedicate some time to revision, which in case you don't now what it is, it means looking back over all the syllabus, absorbing all the information in, and answering questions in the test.

Don't worry - once all the exams are over with I will continue with the requests, though this won't be until about June.

Also, since UK schools are so awful, surprise exams may come from time-to-time. I will have to do a load of revision for those as well.

Next academic year (September to July) there will be a hell of a load of exams. Though that will be my final year at secondary. After I've finished school I have all the time in the world to do your requests Wink (That is, until I get a job)

Thanks for understanding,
- The Leeds Lad Very Happy
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