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Official Forum Rules

Post by The Leeds Lad on Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:47 pm

The following are forbidden:

  • Any form of profanity and vulgarity. (Verbal warning, then ban) (The forum automatically converts profanity into "CENSORED")
  • Any form of Pornographic Content. (Instant ban)
  • Any Avatars, Signatures or Profile Background which contain any form of nudity or sexual nature may be removed and the user punished. (Instant ban)
  • Any form of discrimination, racism or sexism. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • Any form of post that breaks international law. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • Any form of post that incites the use of illegal items, this includes drugs, warez and pirated software. (Instant ban)
  • Impersonating a staff member, this could be by avatar, signatures or username. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • Bumping threads more than once every 3 days. (Verbal warning, then ban)

You are forbidden to create threads or posts:

  • That attack/harass other users. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That contain urls to websites that break the rules. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That contain any personal information of other users, this includes addresses, phone numbers etc. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That contain any serial keys and cracks, this includes any pirated content. (Instant ban)
  • That contain any aggressive behaviour. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That contain useless content. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That the primary purpose is to increase the users post count. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That have a title of “Help me!” or “Need help!!!”. (Verbal warning, then ban)
  • That contains non-English in the English area (There is a separate Language discussion for your language) (Verbal warning, then ban)

Staff members (yes, staff members) should NOT:

  • Lock or archive any topic without a valid reason given as a reply to said topic
  • Abuse their power
  • Be offensive to anyone
  • Ban anyone without a valid reason
  • Think they are above the law and break the standard rules found above.
  • Permanently delete a topic (permanently wiped off the forum, not put in Archive or Wheelie Bin) , unless it is a really, really bad topic.

    If any staff member is found not following the rules they risk their privileges as staff.
    If you find any staff member not following the rules, PM me. We will then take action if sufficient evidence is provided.

Please ensure you search the forums before creating your topic. Multiple topics of the same thing will see them being removed. Please also ensure that you also post your thread into the correct category. If you do not know the category of the post please create it in Off Topic. If you see a post or topic that breaks the rules above please press the report button and the topic will be reviewed. Threads must follow the format or they will be deleted and the author will be warned.
Staff members may punish you, if they feel like the content you create is inappropriate.

Rules are based off of the ones at
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